Süäüüelläi (alcarilinque) wrote in uw,

Linguistics, Finnish, Public Transit

It seems I know a few of you all already, but I'm curious what anyone knows about the Linguistics program there, in terms of grad school. Is there anything that the departmental website doesn't say that any of you think is worth explaining, or have you experienced multiple other linguistics programs at other universities? How do they compare?

As for me, I've got one more year of my linguistics undergrad at the University of Minnesota. My secondary focus is Finnish, and somewhat Finno-Ugrian studies, and though the university here doesn't particularly offer Finno-Ugrian stuff, I'm managing quite well on my own to freak and geek out and have supplemented it a bit with courses at the University of Helsinki.

Anyway, reason I ask here is well, it's one of the prospects in the grad school search. People claim I may enjoy Seattle, and well, I guess I wouldn't be surprised.

Two final things: anything that anyone has to say about public transit in Seattle, too? Lastly, elikkä viimeksi: onko yhteisöllä tai yliopistolla suomea osaavia ihmisiä? ;)
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