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I have 3 finals tomorow and I was stressfully studying in the Foster business library. I ran out of scratch paper so I went in the copy room to look for some paper. I ask a lady there if she knew where the paper was and she pointed me to a stack in a corner. As I am getting ready to open up a pack of paper and grab 3 sheets she asks me what I need it for; I tell her I need it to do some studying, and then she tell me I can't use it cause this paper is strictly reserved for the printer.
Now, I had over priorities then to make a scene, so I proceeded to go to the recycle bin and grab a bunch of torned paper.
However that stingy b.... put me in a really bad mood. What I don't get is that she is a student like myself and could have let me take the damn paper, but NO! She had to be a b... about it and show to the world whatever kind of little authority she had.
So if you librarian working at foster at 5 PM today happen to be reading the uw LJ community, well you are a horrible person and you should try and get a a security guard's job and leave this library job for good people.
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