Jillian (thelandslide) wrote in uw,

earlier this evening, two friends and i were sitting on a bench by bagley when a middle-aged black man approached us. he was out of breath and quickly expained that he was a uw janitor and his car was being towed, he needed $14 to cover the cost for them not to take it. i've always said no to anyone who has asked me for money, but he was offering to leave his uw id or shoes just to get the extra dollars and seemed honest enough. i decided for once to have a little faith in our society and humanity, so my friends and i gave him $15 that he was looking for. he ran off and never came back. after bad luck with jobs this summer i had ironically skipped dinner to save some money but $10 of our donation was from me, only to have it stolen.

later this evening, one of my friends who was there gave me a calling saying that it had happened to other students around campus as well.

just wanted to send out the warning, save yourself a few dollars and don't fall for it.
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