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Study abroad

After the loads of money I spent for my quarter in Cuba I decided not to repeat that mistake, mainly for the high costs associated with the program.
I will graduate next year (probably), and I would like to spend anywhere between 10 to 16 weeks in China learning Mandarin during my summer after graduation. Anybody has any info on some good programs? I looked at the ipe website and all they have are links to expensive organization arranging the trip for you. 
I've found something that is not too exorbitant price wise: http://www.worldlinkedu.com/chinese_language.html Anybody knows anything about those guys?

Also I won't know until June if I got accepted in my grad school of choice, so ticket plane wise I was wondering what is cheaper: Seattle - Beijing (or Shanghai) and then Beijing - Paris or would Seattle Beijing two way trip and then Seattle Paris?

Thanks in advance dear uw community ;)

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