anna (dothefrug) wrote in uw,

ART 292

This is a longshot, but I was wondering if there is anyone out there who registered for ART 292(Beginning Painting) this fall and could help me out.

The deal is: I'm a Painting & Drawing major, and technically, I need ART 292 a lot more than ART 245(Printmaking), which is what I'm registered for now. The original 292 section has been full since registration and they just added a second one. This would be perfect, however, the new section is at exactly the same time as ART 245, and I would really hate to drop it.

Therefore, I'm wondering if anyone who is registered for the first section of 292(TTh, 2:30-5:20) and would be willing to switch into the second one (MW, 2:30-5:20). I would gladly take your spot :]

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