lj-cut nazi (wayitgoes) wrote in uw,
lj-cut nazi

Money? Someone said money?

Looking to make a little extra cash working for a few weekends at some great Seattle events? What a coincidence!

The Portlock Store in Ballard is looking to hire workers to help work our booth at Ballard's Seafood Fest & Seafair.

We need workers July 28-29 & August 4-6. Your duties will include cash handling, light prep work, grilling Salmon Burgers, and being able to be friendly. Hourly compensation will be discussed during interviews. (but it's more than minimum wage!)

Call us here at the store to set up an interview, or email a resume over to cculver at norquest.com. Our store is located directly on the 17 & 44 Bus Routes, right past downtown Ballard. We'd love to have some hard-working students man the booth. I personally would like to have someone to trade scary squirrel stories with. :D

Portlock Store
2821 NW Market St.
Seattle, WA 98107


Chelsea & the rest of the Portlock Crew.

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