Lizard Made in China (gecko2k) wrote in uw,
Lizard Made in China

Benefit Show

Along the lines of the recent question about where Rocky Horror is playing here in Seattle, I'd like to announce a special benefit show being presented Friday, January 31st at the Admiral Theater in West Seattle.

A dear friend of mine, and the rest of our cast, Sara Hunt, passed away December 21st, 2001 after a two year fight with leukimia. We wanted to remember her in the way she would have liked and at the same time raise some money for the charity established in her name by her parents. And so, PrincessMania was born. ("Cause I'm a fucking princess")

We've put a lot of effort into making this something that Fun, sentimental, yet won't be morbid, but at the same time, it isn't going to be our standard show. We want to sell this one out.

For more info click here or respond to the post and I'll tell you anything I can.
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