k (fallfromthesky) wrote in uw,

i'm going to be studying abroad in rome during winter quarter '07 through the com department. it may be a little early (i don't know, is it?) to be looking for plane tickets, but i want to at least see what is out there & what kind of prices i can expect.

do any of you have any suggestions of cheap places to look? i know there are a lot of little student travel places on the ave - any recommendations? i don't know what is out there & i don't have tons of time to go wandering the ave to try & find them, so if anybody knows which places are good (if any) and could share experiences, that'd be awesome. or if there are any good websites (i know the obvious ones, like expedia, but i don't know how good they are for cheapish flights abroad), let me know that, too, and i'll love you forever.

thanks in advance!!

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