Arthritic Skills (caraccident) wrote in uw,
Arthritic Skills

U-Pass changes.

In light of all the recent U-pass talk on this community I decided to email the U-pass information address listed on the website and get some answers.

They informed me that U-passes will be changing starting in 2007. All Husky Cards will have a photo ID (not just students--faculty and staff as well) and the U-pass stickers will disappear. Instead the ID will become a "smart card" with a chip in it. These chips will determine U-pass coverage. If a U-pass is lost, the old card will be inactivated and a new one activated. This way no one will be able to have more than one card out there with their name on it and a U-pass sticker being used by a friend/family member/etc.

Hopefully this will keep costs down.
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