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Be sure you're not listed in the directory if you don't want to be! The UW may be selling your information to marketers.

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Subject: Re: Credit comp. have access to your INFO???
To: "CEP students and faculty" <ceplist@u.washington.edu>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 18:16:53 -0800 (PST)


i too am in ASUW Senate. Here is my understanding of the situation, please correct me if i am wrong.

The current proposal, negotiated by the UW Alumni Association, Vice President of Student Affairs Ernest Morris, and the credit card company (MBNA), involves a seven-year contract that gives the credit card company access to the student directory (but not info about freshmen).

Some student leaders have complained to Dr. Morris about this, and have asked for an "opt-out" right. Dr. Morris has indicated that the only way for students to opt out of having their directory information given to the company, will be to opt out of the directory entirely.

So, Senate passed a proposal that ASUW Board of Directors member Cammie Croft put together, to ask the Administration to post this information on the MyUW web site, so that students will understand that by being included in the directory, their info will go to this credit card company. Students will then be better informed and may choose to opt out of the directory entirely.

Some of us are not satisfied with this, and are considering writing a Senate resolution, requesting that a different "opt-out" option be granted, giving students the right to opt out of having their directory info given to commercial entities, but otherwise remain in the directory so that other students can for example look up your e-mail address. Dr. Morris has indicated that this non-commercial opt-out will not be acceptable to MBNA, and will not be part of any final agreement.

In all of this, students are not involved in the negotiation of access to our student information, or the distribution of the money. All we can do is make requests to the Administration and the Alumni Association, while they negotiate with the credit corporation about selling access to our student info.

The payoff is that the Alumni Association gets like $50,000 which they will contribute to scholarships, the ASUW gets $10,000 for programming, the RHSA gets $10,000 for programming, i can't remember who all gets money, i think the total is like $125,000 which goes for supporting various kinds of student scholarships and programming.

The original ASUW Senate proposal -- to simply support the proposal as negotiated -- did not pass Senate. But, after a presentation last week from Dr. Morris, he feels confident that he has the support of students, and he is going ahead with negotiations. Given the fact of these proposals, Senate went ahead and passed the proposal requesting that info be placed on the MyUW web site.

Kathlyn, does this all sound right? i'm sure this is not all phrased as clearly as it could be, but i have to run.
CEP '99

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Virginia Leigh Prang wrote:

> On the topic of the credit card company having access to our directory: Did
> anyone say whether students who are already listed on the directory will be
> notified of an opportunity to opt out before this goes down?
> This seems like a pretty important issue since the directory is there to
> help students contact each other for academic purposes. I know that
> depending on your response, I may be pulling my info out of the directory.
> Is this something CEP students, and SSC, want to get behind?
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