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please buy my stuff

i've posted before and i'm still trying to get rid of my stuff before i move to hawaii. there are new things that i am trying to sell. all items under the cut. please contact me at cheryln at i can really only deliver the small things within the university district since i don't have a car. sorry if you've seen this in seattlebuysell, i'm not trying to spam but i need to get rid of my stuff. come on people i know you're moving into new apartments! thanks!

-wooden desk ($20): its nothing special, and its a little dinged up. it has a drawer and filing drawer.
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-cast iron dutch oven ($40)
-queen sized down comforter ($70): this is less than a year old and i'll throw in a duvet cover for $30 if you're interested. the comforter retailed at $160 and the duvet cover was over $100. i hate to part with it but there's really no sense in having something so warm in a very hot state.
-plastic drawers/storage containers: i have 3 that seperate but stack on top of each other which i'll sell for $4 each, and two that are connected together that i'll sell for $8. i have one more plastic container that's probably that is long and flat that goes well under a bed for $10. i can get pictures out on sunday or so.
-IKEA lack shelves ($15 for one/$25 for two): comes with an installation rack to put in the wall. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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