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Hello! My name is David, I am currently a senior, hoping to graduate with a Political Science degree in June. A few months ago I was given control of the UW community (which is actually the first community ever on LJ) by bradfitz (LJ creator). I was happy to take control of the community, because I knew it could be a great tool for us UW students.
Due to recent events on this community, I think it would be a good time to go over what I feel this community is about.

If this looks familiar to you, I stole most of the ideas from evan who looks after seattle.
The University of Washington Community is an invaluable resource for those of us who go to UW and have a LJ. We can ask questions, give opinions, advertise UW events, and get to know other UW people. The reason why people sign up for this community is to read about UW related stuff. If a person wanted to read about something else, they would look elsewhere. With that in mind, I feel it is my duty to keep this community on-topic.

Even though, it is personally difficult for me to delete posts, it doesn’t mean I will allow off-topic and harassing posts. I think that people have the right to voice their own opinion, but I also feel that there needs to be a certain amount of etiquette when you post in this community. We are all college students and I hope we all know how to respect each other’s opinions.

I equate off-topic and harassing posts to spam. I've seen the words "censorship" and "free speech" tossed around recently. Is it freedom of speech for a spammer to spam you? I feel it is an invasion of my privacy. Just as I filter spam in my email, I intend to filter spam from this community. The US government does offer you free speech, but LiveJournal is privately owned and I have been entrusted with running this community. How would a professor react if you just stood up in class and blurted some very inappropriate statement? Most likely a professor would ask you to leave the classroom.

If you disagree with me having these policies for this community, you are more than welcome to discuss your objections with me via e-mail at dpb@livejournal.com, or if you feel that maybe this community is no longer for you, you are allowed to drop this community. I think that the majority of the people in this community will support my policies.

UW and LJ are both pretty fun, so it will take very little effort on all of our parts to keep it that way! If you see a post and you feel that it should be deleted, or you have some suggestion about the community, I am a pretty easy guy to talk to, please feel free to contact me!
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