miss american pie (browneyez) wrote in uw,
miss american pie

Textbooks (and lab coats!) for sale...

For Sale for Microbiology 301:

Microbiology: A Human Perspective (4th Edition) - Nester
This has some highlighting in the first few chapters and then sporadically in later chapters. I was a very poor student in this class and it shows in the good quality of the book :) It is a used copy, but it should treat you well. The class upgraded to the 5th edition, but I can't imagine a large difference in material.

$15 OBO

For sale for chemistry labs

TWO lab coats; one "size 14" and one "small." Great condition...no noticable dirtiness.

$5 each or both for $6.

For philosophy classes

- Introduction to Philosophy by Ann Baker - $10 (note: this is not the same one being used for summer quarter phil 100)

- Ethics by Steven Cahn and Peter Markie - $10

- "A dialoge on Personal Identiy and Immortality" -$2 alone or free if you buy something else.

I will deliver to or meet you anywhere in the U-District! Cash only, please :)
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