bovine in the black cloak (cow) wrote in uw,
bovine in the black cloak

Huh. Congratulations on graduating, cow! The Alumni Association will now sell your address and your parents' address (or what they think your parents' address is) to every company imaginable!

Anyone else get the GradMed spam? My favorite part: Despite the UW Alumni Association return address, the postmark says "Mailed from ZIP code: 43221". Which, conveniently enough, is not far from the GradMed people's PO box...

So, yeah. Looks like the Alumni Association is happily selling contact information to outside companies who provide services that I, at least, have no need for. Anyone had any luck on getting their contact info taken off the list? If so, how? So far, the Alumni Association hasn't been real keen on doing that.

(As for my comment about parents' address: they seem to send parental stuff to the permanent address, which I have listed as my address as well, since there's really no reason for anyone to be contacting my parents at this point.)
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