Micah (micahellison) wrote in uw,

Yesterday morning, I woke up insanely early to finish some math homework at Odegaard. By 8 am, I was pretty much done, and also pretty much starving, so I headed over to the HUB in order to get me some breakfast. I'd had breakfast there before - specifically, at that burger place called "Pickles & Fries" - and I knew that, while they certainly didn't have 5 star breakfasts (or even 1 star), they most certainly did open before 8.

So I meandered in through the HUB (rather quiet at this hour) and I ordered the classic fast food breakfast meal - a sausage "mcmuffin" (I'm not sure what word they used for it there, but that's what I'm calling it), "hash browns" (fried potato slab), and an orange juice (little orange juice bottle). It was all pretty mediocre, but I was starving, so I tore through my meal.

In the midst of chugging my orange juice, I realized that it tasted like crap. I was thirsty, though, so I kept on drinking. When there was a little bit left, I looked on the expiration date - February 02. "Wow. This stuff expires on a month," I thought. "Maybe that's why it tastes nasty." I chugged the rest.

Then I paused.

Something seemed wrong.

I looked back at the orange juice. February. February. February ... 02. 2002. As in not 2003. As in, last year. As in, expired 11 months ago.

Yeah. That's not cool - so consider all of yourselves forewarned, if any of you are brave enough to order orange juice at the HUB.
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