YoruNoKo (yorunoko) wrote in uw,

Two things... apartments and storage

First, does anyone have any complaints about Radford Court or Burke-Gilman Place? Any crazy landlords who walk in whenever they want or problems with broken pipes and 1000$ water bills? Actually any comments are appreciated. (thinking of a 3 bedroom townhouse at radford or 3 bedroom at burke)

Second, does anyone know of any good storage companies that like... deliver storage containers to the designated storage container drop off spots on campus? My friend and I need storage for summer and we read in the move out bulletin that there are designated areas for storage containers, but they didnt have any info on companies. We were thinking of going to a self storage place downtown, but that would require us to convince someone we know with a car to drive us there and stuff... Any recommendations? Companies to watch out for?

Thanks in advance.
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