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Sublet for summer and fall!!

I am in desperate need of finding a girl to sublet my room for this summer and next fall. Since Nordheim's so cracked up, they won't release from my lease agreement (even if I was willing to pay for any penalties), even though I haven't even moved into the friggin' apartment yet.

So if anyone's interested in living in a spacious townhouse this summer and for next year, please contact me at or just reply to this comment! The girls who are living there now are REALLY nice, and waaay smart! All utilities are included -- you get the benefits of living in the dorms, without having to pay for a crappy dining plan! Plus it's really close to U-Village and IMA, and yatta, yatta, you all know that.

Edit: Rates are as follows -- June: $400 (negotiable), July/Aug: $615, fall-spring: $635
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