Rock On! - L to the G. (attraction83) wrote in uw,
Rock On! - L to the G.

What: Arts and Performance
Where: Cafe Wannabee on 52nd and Brooklyn, one block north of the U District
When: Saturday June 3rd, 6-9
Admission: free and free espresso

CHID 496, Anti-Oppressive Organizing and Activism, is hosting REPAIR: an art
show and performance event giving students an outlet to express some of the
problems they see on campus. This is an interactive event with murals and art
pieces created on site. If you're interested in participating, email, or contact Anna Hackman at

Otherwise, come and check out the event. Admission is free and so is the

Murals will be Friday at the HUB lawn, Saturday at the University Farmers
Market. Come find us!

Check out the flyer for details! and a coupon for free coffee and tea with your
UPASS is on the flyer!!
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