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I'm going to be a first year grad student next year and am looking for a place to live. Pretty much any suggestions are welcome, but I'm mostly curious if anyone is looking for a house- or apartmentmate.

I'd ideally like a place in the U district, within walking distance of campus. I'd like to pay under $750 a month and have my own room. I don't smoke and would prefer housemates who did not.

Besides that, I'm pretty easy going and don't mind most things: quiet, studious housemates are ok, as are those who throw wild parties every week. I'm male, but I could live with people of any gender. I'm occasionally messy, but I'm good at keeping my mess in my room. In all likelyhood, I wouldn't be around the place much anyway, and would just need a place to sleep.

I'd definitely want a place September to June.

Feel free to respond to this post or email mkehrt AT .
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