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Hi, I was wondering if anyone in this community knows of any openings for decent studios near in the U District or Capitol Hill for June or July as I'm looking to move out of my current situation (living in a room in a house for $375 per month, utilities paid for) as I would love to have my own kitchen, bathroom and overall own personal space. I am currently looking around campus and going online to check for such places, but thought asking here would help as well. I'm considering The Malloy.

My price range is from $450-550 per month, preferably with all or some utilities included. Alrighy, thanks in advance!

PS: If anyone is interested, I will be moving out in June. The place is on 12th and 42nd. $375 per month with all utilities (water, sewage, garbage). There's 4 floors and on each floor, there are about 5-6 others. You share a kitchen and two bathrooms.
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