TF (tortillafactory) wrote in uw,

A question for the English majors and the francophiles

Salut - I'll be transferring in the fall, planning to major in English, and hoping to continue to my studies in French. I've been madly trawling the UW website, RateMyProf and MySpace's Prof Grading, but I can't seem to find the information that I need. So, questions, in order of importance:

1) English site says that a requirement for the major is English 202 and attached writing link, 197. Fair enough.

a. According to same site, these classes "may" fulfill the prerequisites for the major (which I need to finish in my first quarter, since I need to declare my major in the Spring). "May?" Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Does that mean they WILL, they possibly CAN, or what?

b. Teaching 202 this fall are SEARLE, SCHENOLD, JAUSSEN. Recommendations?

2) Any recommendations on 300-level French teachers? The course catalogue tells me Helene V. Collins teaches 301, but her name's not on the fall schedule. I'd appreciate any info about this that you can offer.

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