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I'm working on a project for one of my classes where we redesign an object, system or service. My partner and I chose to redesign WebPine. At the moment we're in the research phase, and are trying to figure out what aspects of WebPine could be improved and what people like/dislike about it. We came up with a few questions, and I figured this might be a good place to get some feedback! So if you guys wanna answer some (or all) of our questions, it would be much appreciated. You don't even have to answer those specific questions if you really don't want to, any kind of feedback would be awesome.

Thanks in advance!

1. In what capacity do you use WebPine (i.e. Is it your primary email? Do you only use if for school related emails? Do you have your WebPine emails forwarded do a different address?)

2. Do you find WebPine easy to use?

3. Have you ever used the “Configure” or "Get Help" menus?

4. Do you feel familiar with WebPine's features and capabilities?

5. Have you ever encountered any glitches? If so, what?

6. How often do you use WebPine?

7. Do you know the significance of the "status" labels next to each email?

8. Is there anything in specific that you like or don’t like about WebPine?

9. Are you generally satisfied with WebPine as an email service?

10. How do you feel about WebPine’s appearance and organization?

11. Other comments:

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