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UW Housing and Food Services to Open First 100 Percent Fair Trade Coffee Shop

Move Made Possible by Introduction of Tully’s Fair Trade CertifiedTM Espresso

SEATTLE, WA – MAY 11, 2006 – On Monday, May 15, the University of Washington’s Department of Housing and Food Services (HFS) will open its first 100 percent Fair Trade CertifiedTM coffee outlet. As of that date, the Atrium Café, located in the Seattle campus’ Husky Union Building (HUB), will begin serving exclusively Fair Trade CertifiedTM coffee. The conversion of the Atrium to 100 percent Fair Trade was made possible by an agreement reached in February by HFS, Tully’s Coffee and the Fair Trade Coffee Coalition (FTCC) – a group of UW students, faculty and staff – under which Tully’s, the exclusive coffee provider to HFS, pledged to develop the company’s first ever Fair Trade CertifiedTM espresso blend. After three months of development and consultation with HFS and the FTCC, Tully’s will unveil this new Fair Trade CertifiedTM espresso at the Atrium on Monday.

Along with Fair Trade espresso, Tully’s is introducing regular -- and eventually decaffeinated -- versions of its new Fair Trade CertifiedTM Evergreen Blend drip coffee. These new coffees, in addition to Tully’s existing Compadre and Husky Blends, will be served at the Atrium, making it the first 100 percent Fair Trade café operated by HFS. Parnassus Café, a student-run non-profit enterprise located in the basement of the University’s Art Building, became the UW’s first ever 100 percent Fair Trade coffee shop when it made the switch in late March.

The establishment of the Atrium as a 100 percent Fair Trade café is an important landmark in what has been a fruitful relationship among HFS, the Fair Trade Coffee Coalition and Tully’s Coffee. Since February’s agreement to develop a Fair Trade CertifiedTM espresso, the three parties have collaborated on several events to promote Fair Trade coffee at the UW, including a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony in February, a taste testing of the new espresso blend in April and this week’s Fair Trade Faire.

“The conversion of the Atrium to a 100 percent Fair Trade café is a tremendous milestone for the University of Washington,” said UW senior and FTCC member Jen Caldwell. “HFS and Tully’s have been extremely receptive to the campus community’s call for more Fair Trade options, and the establishment of a Fair Trade café in the student union building attests to that fact. This move gives students, faculty and staff the opportunity to improve the lives of coffee-growing families around the world through their everyday on-campus purchases.”

“Tully’s sources only the best coffees in the world. At the heart of this process are relationships built on sustainability, above Fair Trade prices and quality coffee,” said Rob Martin, vice president of merchandising and production for Tully’s Coffee. “We are thrilled that HFS and the UW Fair Trade Coffee Coalition have taken the extra step to expose the student population to the Fair Trade model and the issue of sustainability in the coffee supply chain.”

The University’s Department of Housing and Food Services is similarly enthusiastic about the establishment of the Atrium as a Fair Trade coffee shop. “The Atrium has become known for featuring many sustainable and fair trade products,” said Barbara Smith, marketing manager for HFS. “And, with its convenient central campus location in the HUB, selecting the Atrium to become a 100 percent certified fair trade café was a natural choice. We couldn’t have done this without Tully’s support and expertise. The espresso Tully’s developed for us is fantastic and exceeds all our expectations. We can’t wait for everyone to come on out to try it!” she added.

Fair Trade certification improves the standard of living for hundreds of thousands of small-scale coffee farmers and their families in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia through cooperative production, a guaranteed fair price, direct trade relationships, the availability of advance credit and the funding of social programs. Over 80 percent of Fair Trade CertifiedTM coffee is also shade grown and certified organic, meaning that Fair Trade helps protect the land as well as the people who live and work on it. Tully’s, the Fair Trade Coffee Coalition and UW Department of Housing and Food Services are proud to be working together to bring more of these exceptional coffees to the UW campus.
About the Fair Trade Coffee Coalition

The Fair Trade Coffee Coalition at the University of Washington is an alliance of students, faculty and staff that promotes the consumption of Fair Trade CertifiedTM coffee and advocates for more Fair Trade CertifiedTM coffee offerings on campus. The coalition is currently endorsed by the Associated Students of the University of Washington, over 20 student organizations, 50 faculty members and some 4,500 signers of a petition calling for exclusively Fair Trade CertifiedTM coffee to be served at the UW.
About Tully’s Coffee Corporation

As the Pacific Northwest’s largest fully handcrafted coffee roaster and a leading specialty coffee retailer and wholesaler, Tully’s Coffee Corporation has been delighting the palates of discerning coffee lovers in the Pacific Northwest and beyond since 1992. In part, Tully’s relentless pursuit of quality can be attributed to its roasters who use vintage, small batch equipment to make coffee roasting an art form. Through its specialty retail stores in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho and Arizona and its global alliance partner in Japan, Tully’s premium coffees are available at more than 350 branded locations. Tully’s wholesale division also distributes handcrafted coffees and related products via offices, food service outlets and leading supermarkets located throughout the Western half of the United States. Tully’s corporate headquarters and roasting plant are located at 3100 Airport Way S. in Seattle, Wash. For more information, call (800) 96-Tully or visit the Web site at
About UW Housing and Food Services

The Department of Housing and Food Services provides on-campus housing and dining at the University of Washington. HFS is a self-sustaining, financially-independent unit of the University and operates 20 retail outlets offering coffee on the UW’s Seattle campus.
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