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i'm moving to hawaii for graduate school, and i can't take much with me, so i have some furniture for sale. i'm in the university district and unable to deliver anything as i do not have a car. all information is under the cut, and please contact me at cheryln at with questions or whatever. thanks!

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all pictures can be found at under the funiture for sale! album.

for sale:

-black dining table with four chairs: the table has a screw missing somewhere on the leg so its a little loose, but its standing and still is functional. its just not a table to dance on or anything. i'm sure if you go to a hardware store you'll find the appropriate fixings, but i'm lazy. asking for $40.
-IKEA LACK wall shelf: comes with a wall mounting bracket, one is missing a screw but still works and again i'm sure you can locate a replacement. $15 for one or $25 for two.

i also have some other things for sale which i haven't pictured:
-wooden desk. darker finish. has a one drawer and a filing drawer. some dings to it, and its nothing fancy, but does the job. $20.
-black office swivel chair. the run of the mill computer chair. no arm rests. $20
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