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art majors

Couple of questions:

1) I'm applying for the Painting & Drawing major right now, and ideally, I'd like to take either ART 292 or ART 390 in the fall. However, I'm taking ART 290 this summer, and it is a prerequisite for both of the aforementioned classes. Is there any way I could still register for either one for fall, since I will be done with 290 by then? Any point in seeing an advisor about this? In my experience, the art department advisors have been fairly inept when it came to actually providing any help, but if it's worth a try, I'd go.

2) If the above is not possible, is there anyone out there willing to hold a spot in ART 245 or 246 for me? I don't register until Friday and the classes are small, so I'm afraid it might close.

Help would be much appreciated.

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