David Brown (dpb) wrote in uw,
David Brown

New And Improved!

U-MATCH BETA VERSION 1.1 is now up

Major changes 1.1 changes:
  • You can add a pic of yourself
  • You can add a bio
  • Search by course or student name
  • View all the students in the U-Match Database.

    I know last post didn't say anything about what U-Match is, I just figured everyone knew from the old version, but there are a lot of new faces here now. Anyhow if you don't know, U-Match allows you to enter what classes you are taking and it tells you if someone else is taking the same class as you are. Unlike the old version, jonah made it all automated and did a lot of cool things with it.

    It was also changed to allow any UW student to sign up, not just LJ people. We have plans to expand the features and the number of people who use U-Match. If you have any ideas or input, please leave a comment with them. This is still a big work in progress, so it is easy to get your opinion in. If anyone is interested in meeting with Jonah and me about ideas, e-mail me at dpb@u.washington.edu.
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