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Finally figured it out

So hi. I've been reading this thing for 3 months now, but I could never understand how to post on this. I even had a question at one time, but I forgot it. Thanks to Turdfergeson, I can now be posting away. One thing I learned about registering for classes, do not sign up for anything, even if you are a freshmen and have no priority. I signed up for Euro 112, which is the continuation of Euro 111, Fundamentals of oral and written Greek. I don't know a drop of Greek and I showed up to the 2 hour TTH class today and booked it as soon as I saw that 1. everyone knew everyone from last quarter, and 2. everyone knew greek and the teacher was greek and he was speaking greek to other people. Thankfully I finally had enough credits and I dropped the class as soon as I got to the nearest computer. Aren't you glad I posted all that?
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