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Screaming Girl?

McMahon People:
Did anyone hear the girl screaming outside their window last night? I wasn't here, but my clustermates said they heard a girl scream (bloody murder, literally) "They're stalking me and won't let me in the building!" Apparently a bunch of people rushed out to their balconies (it was on the sundeck side of McMahon) and a person on the third floor called 4-DUTY but no one answered so s/he then called 911.

When I reached McMahon there was a cop outside talking into his radio about the call coming from the third floor, and there were people outside looking slightly puzzled. I went upstairs and my clustermates were freaking out--they were really worried for the girl. So they went down to speak to the RAs and the police officer (the police officer thought the girl had been out ON the sundeck, but nobody out on the balconies could actually see the girl)... and they also told them that right after the scream a car left the parking garage.

SO--that being said, does anyone know any more information about this? Or whether or not they found the girl? If it was a joke gone wrong? My clustermates are worried that the girl was actually taken, because they figured if she made it inside safe and sound, she would have talked to the officer. OR SOMETHING.

It's really creeping us out.

Oh, and also: if this post is inappropriate, feel free to delete it.

UPDATE, 5/2/06:

Got this email from my RA:

Hey gals,

At my staff meeting, we were talking about the screaming of that girl the other
night. Apparently, what happened was she was on the balcony and her
clustermates locked her out, so she freaked out. It was apparently very scary
screaming, so alot of people were worried, not just you guys. Alot of people
called the cops and everything. It wasn't anything serious. Thanks for keeping
a look out though. That was very sweet of you gals!

*smile* Have a good week, k?

So, that's good.
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