S (sus7) wrote in uw,

Got fish?

I've posted things like this in the past. Some of you out there bought goldfish, bettas, or possibly other kinds of fish to keep in your dorm rooms this year. You've lost interest in your fish, haven't you? You can't remember to feed them, or to change their water. Even now they are sitting in dirty little bowls with half the original volume of water left, bowls full  of ammonia and algae and scummy brown dried-on waste...and you don't particularly care. So rehome them with me, already. I have hundreds of gallons of tropical and coldwater tanks in my apartment and I can handle just about any kind of fish you might have. So if you're sick of staring at your poor little fish and feeling vaguely sorry for it, leave me a comment and we'll find a time and place to meet on campus for the transfer.

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