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DARFEST: An arts festival to raise awareness

This evening there will be an arts festival held to raise awareness of the ongoing genocide in Darfur, Sudan. According to the Save Darfur Washington State website:

The evening will include music, dance and spoken word performances, and visual arts, conveying the facts and impacts of the situation in Darfur through art and educational displays. Highlighted artists include the Southern Sudanese Community of Washington, a Seattle-based organization, who will share traditional dancing, drumming, and crafts. In addition, student performers and visual artists will share recent works in a festive and productive environment. There will also be opportunities to educate yourself about the many dimensions of the conflict with materials from different organizations.

With an estimated 400,000 deaths already, and 2.5 million persons displaced, the situation in Darfur is critical. (Figures from Save Darfur Coalition website). Please attend to learn about Darfur, and how the genocide can be stopped.

Admission is $5 for students, $7 for other community members, all of which goes directly to support the ongoing relief efforts of Doctors Without Borders in Darfur.

The festival will be held in the HUB East Ballroom (on the second floor), and runs from 6-10 PM.
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