seminal but not obscure (getbacknow) wrote in uw,
seminal but not obscure

I assume all seniors have been getting phone calls about making donations to the UW Gift Fund.

First off, I don't remember being given the opportunity to vote on our senior class gift, although I did spend my fall quarter interning full-time so maybe I missed some fall quarter discussion on it. Anyway, my other issue is that they are calling up and asking for $50 straight up. $50! Hopefully in the future that won't be a problematic sum for any of us, but asking most college students for $50 is ridiculous. Most of us are too cheap and/or too poor to give $50. I think if they called people up and suggested donation amounts of $5/$10, students would be FAR more receptive, and all those small donations would add up faster than the less frequent $50+ ones. Thoughts?

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