j (crackedxhalo) wrote in uw,


in other news, apparently going to the UW med ER late on saturday night because you are in pain is not enough of a reason to go there because if you are a 20 something male they will think you are there for drugs. granted i may be the age, but if i wanted drugs there's a large section of house between 45th and 50th next to UW that I could go to. and being nice afterwards and realizing i am in pain does not change the situation, nurse and resident, if it wasn't for an attending who was actually doing his job I would have been severely disappointed in this hospital. in the end it turned out i got mono for a second time, just warning to y'all, there's two mono viruses, and apparently if you are part of the 1/3 of the population that gets affected by them, you can get it twice.

go mono.

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