Lil Asian Girl (caiyuemei) wrote in uw,
Lil Asian Girl

advice from engineering majors

hello everybody, i haven't really introduced myself to this lovely community since i joined a while back. i'm currently at a two-year college, with the plan to transfer to uw in two years. i'm looking into enrolling into the engineering college, majoring specifically in bioengineering.

i have a few questions for people who are going to major, are currently majoring, or have majored in engineering, more suitably, bioengineering.
*just as a disclaimer, i know i can get this information from the uw websites and other sources, but i would like student experience opinion, too. so, without much further ado,

1. what's the typical gpa range to get into the engineering college? the website said anything above a 2.5 but seriously, i don't think they look very highly on 2.5 gpas.

2. what are the professors like? do they challenge you? are they approachable?

3. how big are classes? i would be going in as a junior, with an AS degree, so i think i might be starting with 300-level classes. also, what's the ratio of male to female students? the male-female things isn't really a big deal, but just out of curiousity's sake.

4. this is probably more for those who have already graduated...on the average, what is the percentage of students who find internships or jobs during those two years and after graduation? what companies do you work for? especially for internships, like during the summer.

thanks in advance. :o)
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