Timmons (rtimmons) wrote in uw,

So I'm looking at taking classes this summer (damn you, on-campus summer job), and I'm looking for opinions on what sort of classes are good or bad to take over summer.

My understanding is that most classes are taught solely by grad students (accurate?). I don't have a problem with this, but this has varying impacts on different classes (obviously).

Would you suggest taking electives, pre-reqs (for a science/engineering major), or gen ed reqs? Ideally I would like get a "really hard' class done over the summer and with the probability of a better GPA. (A friend of mine, for example, got a 2.2 in Econ 200 in Spring and 4.0ed it in Summer.)

I'm signed up for Math 307, Math 324, and Physics 122 right now (and looking for 3-5 credits more). Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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