thenightbegins (thenightbegins) wrote in uw,

1. Could someone please explain to me how going as 'Undecided' works. When can I choose classes? Can I take any classes? Say, I wanna do Sociology and something in Economics, is that possible? If my Enrollment Confirmation Form says my major is PRE SCO SCI, can I change that once I get there?

2. What is printing like over there, as in costs offered by the UW? Eg. 40 papers per week. Do you recommend getting your own printer?

3. For the Measles Immunization Policy, do I send it before I send my deposit? Can I send it through fax now and then pay my deposit later, or would they lose it?

4. Is the weather at UW Seattle really what everyone stereotypes it to be...A LOT of rain?

5. Do I apply for Health Insurance once I'm in Seattle?


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