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The Collective and ASUW Presents an Interactive Murder Mystery!

If you see only one show this year, this is it – The Collective’s Interactive Murder Mystery!

Shortly after arriving for the evening festivities, a murder will occur… and the killer is hidden somewhere in the crowd. Complete with appetizers and a worthy performance space (the HUB) this show will pit your wits against devilish evildoers in a race to figure out whodunit – before they strike again! You’ll have full access to the clues that crop up, and be able (and expected!) to interrogate anyone in the room to your heart’s content.

When does it go down, you ask? Why, this upcoming week, on Thursday the 20th and Friday the 21st at 8PM. Each show is completely different, and carries a different theme and cast of characters. Thursday evening will be an Art Gallery Showing, and Friday is a High School Reunion. Please dress accordingly – you’ll be provided with your new nametags at the start of the night, encouragement to mingle, and the opportunity to interact with the performers as you wish… can you keep track of who is spinning lies?

How do you get into this (very) limited admittance interactive theater? Get your tickets in advance at the HUB ticket office for the low (remember, it includes food – the Friday show is even catered by Jimmy Johns!) price of $10 student admission ($11 faculty, staff, and general admission).

You’re not going to find a better place to take a date, nor a more engaging evening anywhere – don’t miss out!

You can find more information at our website, http://www.scriptsareforsissies.com . Tickets are on sale now, and can only be bought in advance at the HUB ticket office. See you at the show!

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