Waffle (waffler) wrote in uw,

Construction gripes

What's the deal with fencing off the entire goshdarned campus in the name of construction? Every morning and every evening, I have to find a brand new route because they keep fencing off more and more of the area around Drumheller Fountain. At first it was just a small portion, and then they started fencing off more, and more, and more, until today, I was positively puzzled as to how I was supposed to get to the CSE building.

I wish they would put a little sign or map or something to show me where I'm supposed to go, so I don't keep aimlessly circling and circling the fence trying to find a way through. I saw a "pedestrian detour" sign and I was like, wooohooo! Great! And then guess what? The sign was INSIDE the fenced area. Terrific.


Anyway, what do y'all think about all the construction going on?

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