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ASUW HUB Movie Nights

I know it was posted in response to a previous post, but I wanted to be sure everyone knew what movies were playing in the HUB this quarter. Remember, the ASUW Arts and Entertainment Film Series takes place on Wednesdays. It's $2 for one movie or $3 for both; tickets are available the day of the movie.

April 19 - Memoirs of a Geisha 5:30 pm
- The Chronicles of Narnia 8:30 pm

What happens when Hollywood gets it's hands on your favorite book? It's big budget blockbuster time! See two from last year with the story of the geisha Sayuri and the battle in Narnia that involves a lion, a witch and a wardrobe.

April 26 - Walk the Line 6:00 pm
- Capote 8:30 pm

Biopics prove that movies are educational, and entertaining. This is true when you get to learn about musician Johnny Cash (see Joaquin Phoenix sing!) and author Truman Capote (see Philip Seymour Hoffman talk in a high voice!).

May 3 - Good Night, and Good Luck 6:00 pm
- Paradise Now 8:00 pm

Social commentary at its very best. A 1950's news reporter stands up to the government during a time of political and social unrest and a Palestinian film about two childhood friends recruited for a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv.

May 10 - Pride and Prejudice 6:00 pm
- Brokeback Mountain 8:30 pm

Two great cinematic romance stories with slightly different settings (18th century England vs 1960's rural Wyoming) and characters (upper class gentility vs two rustic cowboys), but the same powerful message of love.

May 17 - Match Point 6:00 pm
- Glory Road 8:30 pm

A sports movie night! Sort of. In Woody Allen's London a tennis instructor is caught up in a dramatic love triangle, and Disney gives their best Remember the Titans treatment to the 1965-66 college basketball team from Texas Western.

May 24 - Underworld: Evolution 6:00 pm
- Night Watch 8:00 pm

Vampires, werewolves, the undead; oh my! The sequel to the Kate Beckinsale action fantasy continues the Death Dealers vs Lycans saga, and a Russian horror thriller on the fight between forces that control daytime and nighttime.

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