j (crackedxhalo) wrote in uw,


can anyone tell me what the extra money from out of state tuition goes towards at UW?

looking at some figures - uw received 17.9 mil from state gov't money for 2006-2007. And there are around 5.8 mil people in washington, so that's about 3 dollars from each person whether they attend or not.

since it's impossible for me to get instate without giving up a year and working full time, does anyone know where i can find out how my money is spent?

essentially they don't have to accept out of staters, so why do they need the extra money?

thanks for any help.

*EDIT* This is a curiosity question, not a bitching question. So settle down, because you are making me all riled up. I like UW and I like instaters, I am just Curious . That is all. Have a nice day. :)
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