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Dust Sufferers Unite!

I don't know about the situation in other dorms, but here in McMahon we are inundated with extremely large amounts of dust on a daily basis. I went through a brief spring cleaning frenzy earlier today and completely de-dusted the room I share with my roommate...

And there is already a thin coating of the crap on my desk, just four hours later.

WHAT can be done about this? Any suggestions are welcome (including sarcastic ones like "Uhhh... dust more often?"--while not exactly HELPFUL, they're at least funny)... currently I'm just using a wet paper towel for my dusting. Are there any products that you'd recommend? I've heard something about a Swiffer something-or-other before, but now I can't remember the exact product name.

Anyway, now that I've clogged up your friends list, I must get back to writing a paper and watching the dirt pile up.


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