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Summer Transition Program

Hi! I just became a member and I just got my acceptance letter today after much worry. I'm so excited to become a UW student!

I looked in the memories and saw information on Early Fall Start Program and it sounds really cool. I got selected for that program too (it's called Summer Transition Program now and it's now 6 credits instead of 5)and I just had basic questions on it. No one else I know got any information on this program so do you guys know exactly how they select students for it or is it for anyone and the scholarship for it (room and board, tuition, books) for select people? I was really surprised to get this and not anyone else I know since...me=3.39 and most everyone else I know had 4.0 or 3.9/3.8s. And anyone that did it what exactly do you do for those 4 weeks??

Well.....that's it basically. thanks!

I'm still so excited over my acceptance!

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