Jennifer Galactica (habituallydaft) wrote in uw,
Jennifer Galactica

Geography 380 VS Anth 459

so my Prisons from an Anth prespective class was cancelled this qt. geog 380 w/ J. Mayor and anth 459 w/ Devon Pena are offered in the same time slot.

anth 459 is going to ba a large work load, but its only roughly 30 people large. while geog 380 is about 120 people or so. has anyone had both geog 280 and 380? I took 280 a while back and loved it, mainly because of section and the assigned readings. Is 380 as good? I see there are no sections.

If anyone is currenlty in 380 could you send/link me to the syllabus? anyone here know if anth 459 is as overwhelming as it seems?
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