Monika (_gummibears) wrote in uw,

vain.. hair woes

So after taking the suggestions, I've finally made an appt to get my hair cut at Vain downtown with Betsy tomorrow. My question is 1) Anyone have a guess of how much this cut might cost me? (yea, forgot to ask..) From the looks of the site and her page, i dont think it'll be cheap.. and 2) Has anyone else had Betsy cut their hair.. how did you like it.. and all that goodness? I'd guess since so many people suggested it, someone has to have gotten their hair cut there at some point... thnx!

oh and any tips on how tipping a hairdresser works in this day and age? I have no clue anymore. I typically just had my hairdresser my check plus some cash, but i dont know if thats just 'out of style' now or what..

ah, another random question.. Does anyone know what parking is like on 1st Ave down around the salon?? parking garage/lots? That would be awfully nice
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