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So how fucked am I as far as CS admissions is concerned after getting a freakin' 2.4 in CSE143? I did similarly badly in Math 126. I did okay in 142 and in all my other classes this quarter and last, but I've run out of programming classes, and I'm afraid I've made a bad impression on my transcript about my "programming abilities" (which apparently aren't that great). Anyone else feel completely aggravated at Reges and/or Milac? I could have sworn I did well on both of those finals. I *actually* projected a 3.5 GPA this quarter no more than a week ago. ...not an annoyingly painful 2.9.

I'm pretty set on CS, but I'm also realistic. Should I not be getting my hopes up at this point? I've heard EE is a good backup and has a similar job outlook. Truth to this?

I'm meeting with a counselor (the CS advising sort, although perhaps the usual kind may be of some value) soon, but I'm looking for personal insight. Suggestions on what to do; what classes to take; ways to appear desirable to admissions committees despite a couple relatively low grades--any and all would be great.

Thanks, all!

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