S (oui_je_danse) wrote in uw,

CHID 496G: Stargate & Ethics

CHID 496G Winter Quarter 2006
Focus Group
Stepping Through the Stargate: Applied Ethics with a Kwoosh

I know a bunch of us who taught/took this focus group have livejournals. Now that the quarter is wrapped up I’m curious who will ’fess up. Please drop a comment if you took this class. You don’t need to say your name or even friend anyone. Think of this as a test to see how networked we are. ^_^

If everyone is interested in science fiction in general we should have a movie night or something.

I’m Sarah O’Hara by the way. You can also find me through Facebook (which is evil and oh so delightfully addictive). I kind of liked all you yokels, so feel free to friend my crazy ass.

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