Kuehl-Clark (kuehlster4) wrote in uw,


Hey, so I've got a book-selling question: where is the best place to resell textbooks? I've got quite a collection of books now (due to laziness pretty much). I'm interested in getting rid of them since I'm moving in June, and I'd prefer to make a bit of profit off them, they cost me enough to buy. So where's a good place to go?

As a sidenote, the books include ones for Econ 200, Psych 101, Intro to Law/Mmgt 200, Biopsych (202), Psych 209 (Psych Research), and Bio 118. If you're looking for a good deal on a book from any of these classes let me know, comment here or email me, email is lyndzk4@u.washington.edu. They're all in good condition, just the usual highlighting at the most. So if you're looking for a deal...

Thanks all.
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