'lysey baby (vocedielysium) wrote in uw,
'lysey baby

comcast rebate???

Hey, I'm a UW student and I live in the U-District SOOO...

Does anyone who has Comcast and got the $50 installation rebate know what to do with it? I mean, I got this little coupon in the mail that says "Installation Rebate Certificate" and it says "Certificate is non-transferable and expires 60 days after issue. Account must be in good standing. Certificate may only be redeemed for credit toward Comcast High-Speed Internet Installation and may not be used toward any other services. Please allow 2-3 billing cycles for credit to appear on your billing statement. No cash value." It doesn't say anything about mailing this certificate back to them or doing anything with it. But am I supposed to mail this to them or do something with it???

It's all just so ambiguous!

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