Don (schrodinger) wrote in uw,

Computer Emergency

Hi everyone,

A friend of mine in the CHID lounge is having a laptop emergency right now, and I was wondering if anyone on this community might be able to help. Basically, the AC Adaptor for her laptop broke, the battery is dead, and she has no way of pulling the necessary files off of it. She was wondering if anyone might possess one that she could borrow for a few minutes, or if there was any places on campus where she could check one out. She already ordered a new one, but obviously, it won't arrive in time to help.

Anyway, It's a Toshiba Laptop A45-S121, although I'm sure that anything similar probably use the same adaptor (Including the A20, A25, and A4 series and Qosmio G15 and G25 series.). It's a long shot, but I figured it was worth a try.

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