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Karl Smith

Website Feedback

For those interested in *ahem* offering constructive criticism of the new washington.edu website, you should apparently e-mail the Home Page Development Team at mediarel@u.washington.edu.

Some talking points:

  • It's too cluttered
  • It's set to take up the entire window (play with resizing it and watch what happens to the upper left - not very professional)
  • It's difficult to navigate

    You could, of course, also e-mail them to express your approval (and I assure you, that will be more effective than leaving a comment letting me know I'm an idiot)


    Edit: I just received the following e-mail in response to my comments; it may help to guide your feedback (and it also contains a mroe direct e-mail address).

    "Thanks for taking the time to comment on the new home page. Your input can help us make sure the page/site is the best that it can be.

    Our goal was to add content to the page to showcase the greatness of the university and its faculty, staff and students. (The old page, in contrast, was just a navigation tool, which many people used and liked.)

    Is there any content on the new page that interests you or any new navigation that helps? If you typically use the home page just for navigation to other parts of the site, does anything about the redesign make that easier/harder? Any other specific input you can offer will be of value as we move forward with improvements to the site.

    Gina Hills
    Web Editor
    University of Washington
    Media Relations and Communications
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