Karl Francis (kapslocked) wrote in uw,
Karl Francis

Don't you love job offerings where you have to pay a membership to join?

I'm sure we all get spam on our .edu accounts.

Recently I've gotten one offering me a job at "VegasResearch.com" as a "Home Typist". Of course, there's a nominal $29.95 membership fee so I can start working.

But I can make $500-1000 for doing stupid little texts things every day! Considering how much I actually study, the idea isn't a very good one.

Ahh... pyramid schemes of sorts... they probably want me to buy something else after the membership. Anybody ever get suckered in by a company called Mannatech? There was a few of their meetings on campus a couple years back. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't know about them. They offered these health supplements that are under lots of scrutiny, which are really sugar pills I believe.

Anyways, isn't it terrible that one of the demographics they try to catch are us college students? You'd think that if we're smart enough to get in college, we wouldn't be that gullible. ^^;;;
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